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The Automotive World is unique in the market place unlike any other industry. Managing and running a service department or repair center, is in a world unto its own. You are unique and so is your business and your team. So are the solutions to create a smooth running, highly profitable with high customer and employee retention.

Where is your business bottle neck?

There are typically two: your SYSTEMS and your PEOPLE. Both need solutions in moving you and your team to next level and you may be at a point where you are seemingly out of solutions or what to do next is eluding you. It's a feeling of being stuck!

Your solution may or may not be better systems or better people. In fact, if you have improved your systems, hired higher level of talent and still are not “hitting it out of the park”, your solution is coaching. Better yet it is automotive specific coaching.

Why Our Automotive Coaching is Different.

The CompuTrek Group provides the industry with over 35 years of automotive experience and over 15 years of coaching an automotive 'Real World' environment.  We coach unique, proven systems that turn on cash flow in a short amount of time AND we coach the people who turn on the cash flow.

Our automotive systems yield 3.5-4.0 hours/RO and technician efficiencies over 150% with very high customer satisfaction and retention. Our clients on average gain $200,000 in NEW GROSS PROFITS in 12 months. The systems, being only limited, by the people using them is the reason we coach people to breakthrough of limited thinking that holds them back.  Our unique coaching approach zeros-in on both the individual and the team's limitation.

Leadership and Personal Development Coaching are the # 1 and # 2 missing training elements right now in the automotive industry. That is why we bring the training to YOU! Hiring a qualified and experienced Automotive Business Coach is not extravagance or luxury for BIG Business anymore; it is a fundamental KEY element of YOUR business for today’s automotive marketplace. Without a Coach you may survive, but without a Coach, you limit the THRIVE.

Contact us for a no obligation business evaluation to determine your Point 'A' and then a Point 'B' where you'd like to be.  The majority of our Coaching packages stand by the CompuTrek Double Guarantee.  Essentially, your investment in CompuTrek Training  will guarantee at least DOUBLE BACK in NEW GP DOLLARS! 

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