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HOW TO PRESENT what you KNOW needs to be SOLD! - [6-8 hours: Owners, Managers and Advisors - AMI 12 Credits]

This COMPUTREK Seminar will EMPOWER and TRAIN you and your Service Advisors by demonstrating not jut WHAT TO  PRESENT, but HOW TO PRESENT with value the repairs that will increase your average Repair Order by .5 to 2.0 hrs/RO!

Valuable Tools YOU and your Advisors will learn:

➢   A toolbox of effective vocabulary every Advisor needs to present and sell properly and profitably.

➢   Relational Selling Techniques - selling VALUE rather than price

➢   How to build, price, present and sell very profitable Diagnostic & Preventative Maintenance Repair Orders

➢   How to use VALUE words and reasoning to create significant increase

➢   The CompuTrek 3-Part Value Presentation System designed to yield an average of 3.5 to 4.0+ hours/RO

➢   Active delivery at the end of the sale to increase exponentially Word of Mouth Marketing

➢   Most Advisors who implement and use the CompuTrek Value Presentation System earn back the seminar fees the FIRST WEEK and many, the first day!!  These basics will jumpstart new victories to help move your company forward.

Good To Great Seminar - [4 - 6 hours:  Owners, Managers and Advisors - AMI 8 Credits]

Take the next critical steps toward being an A+ Service Advisor.  Learn and implement proven strategies, techniques and advisor tools that have been tested through three (3) down economy periods. Understand what it really means to WOW the customer. Come away with practical tools you can put to work your next day back to turn on cash flow and increase the shops Efficiency in the following areas:

➢   A+ Selling System: How to sell in a down economy

➢   A+ Handling Objections: i.e. “You’re too expensive. I can get it done cheaper elsewhere”

➢   A+ Identifying customer types & needs: The start of the WOW factor

➢   A+ Phone skills: Moving price shoppers to appointments

➢   A+ Appointment System: The most overlooked tool an advisor uses (or doesn’t use)

➢   A+ Being prepared for each appointment: Prepping Profitable Repair Order’s

➢   A+ Driving GP Dollars: How to drive GP Dollars with quick simple tools

➢   A+ Active Delivery: Building Loyalty and Retention with internal programs

➢   A+ Referrals: How to properly send your customers out in the community

➢   A+ Team Leader/Interactions Skills: Be the leader your owner wants you to be as an Advisor

Forecasting & Budgeting in an Automotive Environment - [6 - 8 hours:  Owners & Managers – AMI 12 Credits]

This is STEP ONE in a SERIES of COMPUTREK SEMINARS in coaching you toward your dreams and making them a reality in your “real world” environment. It is specifically designed for Owners/Managers to bring clarity to the FOG that rolls into business at times and keeps your cash flow "non-drivable" through it.

Valuable Tools YOU will learn:

➢   Reading a P&L (Profit & Loss) statement to drive your business forward

➢   The P&L profitable business cycle: Where does a profitable P&L REALLY come from?

➢   Forecasting Sales, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Gross Profits

➢   Budgeting expenses and new purchases

➢   Memory stick of tools to facilitate Forecasting & Budgeting in the automotive environment

Economic and government regulations are putting more stress on BUSINESS.  Every move you make is critical and has direct impact on the bottom line.  If you do not know if you should move to the left or to the right, THIS SEMINAR is the nuts and bolts for the financials of your mechanical repair shop. You don’t need to be a math wizard or have a business degree to understand what I will be training you on.  These basics will jump start new victories and help move your business forward.  This in an integral CHESS PIECE toward the WIN!

(Attendees need to bring a laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel & Word 2010 or greater).

Hiring, Motivating & Managing Top Performers - [3 hours:  Owners & Managers – AMI 6 Credits]

Utilizing leadership tools to find, coach and lead employees to be top performers.

It costs shop owners on average $137,000 each year for each position in the shop by not having a Top Performer in any one position. This seminar will not only bring clarity to those items listed below but give you real world practical information, systems and tools to be used immediately in your business. Lack of clarity in employee motivation keeps business owners in a fog that keeps cash flow in the fog.

Valuable Tools YOU will learn:

➢   Using personal & job matching assessments to determine leadership and training needs

➢   Clarity in Company Structure

➢   Maximizing the power of job descriptions

➢   How to maximize employee review tools

➢   Interview questions for hiring Managers, Service Advisors & Technicians

You will get emailed the above topics in Excel and/or Word Doc form so you can edit them for your real world environment.

In today’s economy every move you make (or lack of move) is critical and has a direct impact on the bottom line. This is a Nuts & Bolts seminar on learning real world solutions for motivating, leading and maximizing your employee’s performance levels beyond what the incentive plan will do.

Incentive Plans - [3 Hours:  Owners & Managers – AMI 6 Credits]

Are your employees doing just enough to not get fired and are you paying them just enough for them to not quit?  Incentive plans for all positions in the shop. Incentive plans while at core are money driven, true incentive plans do just that: incentivizes employees to perform at peak levels. Finding and discovering your employee real motivations will be reviewed and then how to build incentive plans around those motivations. An integral part of incentive plans are the use of bonuses to enhance specific areas that need to be improved or maintained.

Incentive plans should have the following attributes

➢   ​Great Financial Rewards - Individual

➢   ​Great Financial Rewards - Team

➢   ​Earned Time Off

➢   Benefits

➢   Business Improvement Bonuses

All plans are based on results produced so the money to pay the incentive is actually there. Know where you are at for current financial averages in Sales, GP $’s, Productivity & Efficiency, etc., and then set your goals for where you want to be and motivate it with a great incentive plan.

Increasing GP $'s W-Proven Systems - [6 – 8 hours:  Owners, Managers and Advisors – AMI 16 Credits

The major systems needed in a shop to turn on cash flow and increase GP dollars even in a down economy.

With categorized systems into

➢   Production System

➢   Selling System

➢   Management System

These key critical systems will be presented that support turning on cash flow and turning it on fairly quickly! There are 30+ basic sub systems that once implemented fully will not only turn on cash flow but allow for easier duplication for expanding as well as making it easier to train new employees. Shops with 3+ techs using these systems turn on around $200,000 in new GP $’s in a 12 month period.

The A+ Team Selling: How to Build Strong Sales: Techs, Advisors, Managers & Owners working together - [3 hours:  Owners, Managers, Advisors and Technicians (All employees) – 6 AMI Credits]

This meeting is all about the Technicians and Advisors with the full support of owners taking care of the customers with proven real world tools in such away everyone wins!

➢   Techs and Advisors communicate better

➢   Techs and Advisors sell and make more

➢   Techs and Advisors increase Productivity & Efficiency

➢   Techs and Advisors sell and make more

➢   Techs and Advisors put out a better final product:  “Providing the longest lasting, safest, and most dependable means of transportation possible”

➢   Techs and Advisors sell and make more

➢   Owners: Providing an environment where Techs and Advisors can succeed

➢   Techs and Advisors sell and make more (Oh yea and the owners too!)

Preventing and Breaking Through Burnout! - [3 hours:  Mechanical, Collision, Owners, Managers, Advisors, and Employees – 6 AMI Credits]

The #1 killer of any business is Owner and Employee BURNOUT. The transition to burnout is typically slow and unseen until it’s seemingly too late. THERE IS TANGIBLE HOPE! More than great How To’s, work through with us the rekindling of the fire for your business and in turn, your dreams. Then stop the fire from ever going out again. Simple immediate and daily steps to fan the flames of the “why” for your business that will make you an industry leader with customers wanting to do business with you and employees loving to work with you.

Implementation Mastery! - [3.0 hours: Mechanical, Collision, Owners, Managers, Advisors, and Employees - 6 AMI credits]

Do you really need another “theory” management training course that has no real tangible implementation strategy? Adaptable implementation strategies for a real world Repair Center that WILL create $500.00 or more of NEW Gross Profit Dollars daily! This is the seminar will help you to implement all the ATE training and future training you are getting!

The Game Changer: How To Take It To The Next Level! - [3.0 hours:  Mechanical, Collision, Owners, Managers, Advisors, and Employees – 6 AMI Credits]

Are you at the top of your game? BUT you know there has to be more! How do you break through the glass ceiling or financial plateau? We will help you identify your top three constraints holding you back from the next level, or any level, and implement Game Changing actions to truly make you a leader in the industry. Let your old ceiling become your new floor!

It begins with a simple conversation