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Dave & Bonnie Schedin, Partners...for LIFE.

At The CompuTrek Group, we come to work everyday because we get the opportunity to solve BIG problems. Business problems. People problems. In fact, addressing problems are what we do best, SOLVING THEM is what we do BETTER.

Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make informed decisions, and the CONTEXT of that data, allowing you to make better decisions. To us, the CORE definition of business is 'relationship' and the health of the business success is in 'direct relation’ to how we’ve created our business eco-systems. You can't have good business without it.

In this age of information, we are more quickly than ever connecting people with SOLUTION and adjoining the engine of technology to come into alignment with relationship - creating the BEST advantage for you individually and in partnership with a Team! WIN-WIN!

Our commitment is to support the marketplace to become more transparent with asking for help and therefore we PARTNER together for that reason providing actionable systems that demonstrate our coaching and training is more relevant and transformational than ever before.

We want to be available to share our combined 50 years of business ownership with as many people as possible who want CHANGE, who want RESULTS.

Want a CATALYST for CHANGE? PARTNER with us.

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It begins with a simple conversation