Pneuma Advantage | People Solutionist | Assessments & Leadership Coach


Bonnie is a ‘people solutionist’ who brings a culture of strong core values to our organization that are deeply rooted in authenticity, integrity and relationship; the primary compass that directs her motivation.  Her highly intuitive coaching and people skills have allowed her to get closer to solutions quicker; uploading and taking measurable action to guide and mentor clients toward strategies that illumine both their personal and professional world - supporting people in living abundant and contributive lives.

As a graduate from some of the world’s most effective personal development companies, Bonnie has co-labored with Dave in strategically creating Pneuma PLAYshops™ designed to develop strong teams, toward more cohesive eco-systems in the marketplace.  With oodles of government, private sector, and business ownership background, it's her expertise combined in the Human Resources Management & Employee/Labor Relations that keeps our bar high, attainable and relational. Bonnie is an expert with assisting clients in hiring decisions, onboarding, employee relations, and is Certified in partnership with the largest global assessment company in the world to provide businesses with a crucial tool kit to promote retention and enhanced productivity, streamlined to help you find spot-on top performing talent. 

"I had an excellent coaching experience with Bonnie. She takes the 'fear factor' out of going after your goals by identifying and destroying your hindrances. Bonnie is warm, engaging and perceptive. I always felt how much she was "present" and "invested" in helping me become the woman I was created to be. I highly recommend Bonnie to be your coach!” - Gina Weatherby, MS, Personal Trainer, Redding, California

“I love that I get the privilege of seeing before my eyes, transformation through mentoring people in their journey, both professionally and in their personal lives.  For the business owner, I help to ensure that the human relationship element is maintained, a culture is created, and that individuals are being placed where they are uniquely and wonderfully gifted to be.  RESULTS are proven successful when your people are in alignment to your organization's vision and it’s future growth is solidly gaining momentum.  At the end of the day, you rely on people, your greatest asset, to produce these RESULTS - I help you maintain the integrity of an engaged and happy workforce so they do.”

Bonnie, who was raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a passionate world changer.  Her desire is to see restoration and transformation of the human heart - purposed, aligned and contributing to the world she loves.  She enjoys long distance cycling, working with disabled children, hospice care, photography, interior design and is an active member of her local church volunteer ministry teams.  She values connection, especially the relationship with her husband, Dave, and the life they share with their four wildly-gifted adult children, one grandchild and oodles of grand-animals.


It begins with a simple conversation